Let me tell you a story

I am blessed to have lived in three amazing places: I was born in Greece, a beautiful little dot on the map that is considered the cradle of western civilization and art, being the birthplace (among many others) of drama and theatre. I pursued postgraduate studies in London, one of the centers of modern European arts. I currently live in Hong Kong, a city with the most tremendously intriguing heritage and history as the land where “East meets West”.


When I was little, after watching a movie, I would re-enact some of my favorite scenes as a game, and I would dream that one day I will become an actor too. But I never really tried acting, because I thought it was something too “unrealistic” for me. This changed when I found out about a film audition in my grad school. I literally jumped into acting and I realized that not only it is something that I can do, but also something that makes me happy.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Height: 5''9.5

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Current Location: Hong Kong


Bad Manners, Hutong Video Management, France | "Intentional Sweat" | 2018

Co-Lead Actor​ (The French Banker)

J.U.M.P., Hong Kong | "DID I" | 2017

Co-Lead Actor (Terry)

M.I. Films, Hong Kong | "The Love Game" | 2018

Lead Actor (Philippe)

J.U.M.P., Hong Kong | "The Late Show with Julian Smith" | 2018

Guest Appearance (The University Councillor)

J.U.M.P., Hong Kong | "BOughT" | 2016

Principal Actor (Connor)


HKTA | "The Last Funnyrole Home" | 2018

Co-Lead Actor (Cicero)

Aurora Theatre | "Dial M for Murder" | 2018

Supporting Actor (Thompson)


WeCare Fund | "Other Ways Out" | 2018

Lead Voice Actor​ (Thomas)

2010 - present
2010 - present

DataSource | Various projects | 2018-

Lead Voice Actor


am.azed (technology) | Promotional Video | 2016

Lead Actor​

Inforteria (technology) | Promotional Video | 2013

Lead Actor

Training &

The Hong Kong Theater Association | 2018 | Instructor​: Emillie Guillot

Jeanne Hartman, The Actor's Detective | 2017| Instructor​: Jeanne Hartman

Special Skills

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Greek, Mandarin

(by memorization), Cantonese (by memorization)