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October 2017

I am glad to announce that I got a role at the newest AFTEC's theater production The Count of Monte Cristo! See you on stage on March 2019!

Completed the shooting for JUMP's latest short film Chris Wong. Premier on November 2018!

Completed the shows for Hong Kong Theater Association's 2018 production The Last Funnyrole Home! Many thanks to all my friends who came to watch me performing as Cicero!

Complete the shooting for the French feature film Intentional Sweat! I look forward to watch it in festivals in Europe, the United States and Asia. I played what ended up to be one of my favorite roles, the French Banker!

Completed the shooting for the short film The Love Game (Dangerous Hearts). I liked my character, Philippe, because it reminded me of one of my favorite actors ever, Al Pacino! :)

Completed my acting training with the Hollywood-based coach Jeane Hartman! She is definitely my best and favorite acting teaching so far :)



Completed the shooting for my first ever feature film! JUMP's DID I! I absolutely loved this film, where I played my #1 favorite character so far: Terry Thompson! I am so looking forward for the premiere!